After a zealous and detailed restoration inspired by Padre Eligio, inside the wonderful convent of Saint Francis, La Frateria was created to offer moments of tranquillity, reflection and peace to those who feel the need.

Padre Eligio’s “La Frateria” has been created in one of the most beautiful monuments made by man, the convent of Saint Francis, founded by the Saint in 1212, an example of late middle ages convent life, still intact.
All the great Saints, disciples of Saint Francis, have passed through this place, remarkable for its peacefulness, the marvels of the woods, fields and valleys of ancient Tuscia.
The signs, the perfumes, the ecstasy of life still remain.
For these reasons Padre Eligio wanted to save this splendid monument from the damage inflicted by time and man, to recreate the house of love and reconciliation wanted and enjoyed by the friars.
After 17 years of extremely careful restoration, carried out by young volunteers and convent residents, its beauty and vocation has returned to the convent.
Today, it is home to a community of young people, one of 40 that Mondo X has realized in 40 years of tenacious labour.

Padre Eligio and the young people of the community have created a pleasant cenacle and guest quarters for those in search of peace and tranquillity, far from the clamour of the world, in the miracle of creation.